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We believe fundamentally in sustainable giving that will begin a cycle of development which can be maintained and even multiplied. Consequently, Born to Thrive partner with, and make grants to small, local, grass-roots charities and charitable projects whom they know,trust and hold accountable to use their grants to provide the most effective and on-going benefit to the people they support.

100% of our donations go directly to the causes we support.

We value our partners’ insight and local knowledge, working alongside them to decide exactly how grants will be spent.

Our aim is to contribute to the growth and development of projects in the long-term, understanding that ultimately success must be self-sustaining.

We maintain regular contact to understand exactly how donations are being used and who they are benefiting.

Members of the Born to Thrive team have first-hand experience working in country with the charities we support.

We report back to our donors, regularly updating them on progress of the projects that their generosity has allowed us and our partners to pursue.