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Born to Thrive is a charitable trust dedicated to ensuring that regardless of race, sex, religion and circumstance all children receive the opportunity to develop, educate and empower themselves.

We believe in the right of every child, from birth, to be kept safe, nurtured and given the chance to reach their full potential. Our mission is to turn this into reality through by providing the opportunity for children to empower themselves through education and employment.

To ensure this opportunity is fully grasped we also work with communities to ensure children are well fed, receive medical care when it is needed and are provided with a stability and security.

If you have ever thought about raising money, giving a charitable gift, or getting involved with a charity then you have come to right place.

Every donation makes a difference – just £2.50 can provide a large, hot and nutritious meal for those who would otherwise go hungry, £60 can provide a family with annual health-insurance and £250 can cover all expenses needed for a child to attend school for a year. In addition, raising awareness for our cause and the plight of the children we support is essential.

Every day that passes millions of children are being denied their basic rights – to adequate health, standards of living and education. Each day they fall further from reaching their potential and dreams are dashed as the struggle to survive takes over. The children we work with are so bright, so ambitious, and so full of hope – we truly believe that they would grasp every opportunity given with both hands. Please give them this chance by donating today.